Lame List

My freshman year at BYU, at V-Hall, one of the guys from Washington got us all involved everyweek in making a Lame List. I thought it was pretty cool and after my mission I did it occasionally with my new roommates. One of my roommates just asked me if I had any of the old ones.… Continue reading Lame List

Five Ways to Stress Less

Pretty ordinary list, except for #5, which I hadn’t thought of before.  5. Do something permanent each day. Going through the motions of life can be stressful, because you can begin to feel like you do things one day (wash dishes, clean, complete tasks at work) only to wake up and do them again the… Continue reading Five Ways to Stress Less

My Dorm is Gone!

The dorm I spent my freshman year at college is gone. Rest in peace V-Hall. Watch it being demolished.