DRM and Vendor Lock-in

DRM doesn’t prevent copying. There are a number of programs that crack DRM, they are just illegal. So what’s the point of DRM if it only works on people that are honest? Honest people wouldn’t make copies of their CDs for the whole world to listen to anyway. DRM dissuades honest people from moving from… Continue reading DRM and Vendor Lock-in

Japan’s little prince goes home

A new prince is born – Japan’s little prince goes home – Asia-Pacific – MSNBC.com. The article mentions Japan had been considering changing it’s laws to allow succesion through females. Amazing – over a 1000 years of male succesion. Most people don’t realize it, but Japan’s "emperor" is really more of a religious office than… Continue reading Japan’s little prince goes home

The Bombe

The British have rebuilt the "bombe", a forerunner of the computer. That would be cool to see someday. Now that’s a piece of history. In the article they hypothesis the war would have lasted longer without the bombe. I think they are being modest – I’m not sure Britain would have survived the war without the bombe.… Continue reading The Bombe

New iPods

Apple has released a new line-up of iPods, downloadable movies, and promises way to view them on TVs early next year – report at Engadget. Expect to be able to watch the video later today at Apple’s Event site. The new iPods – nice improvements. Especially the Nano. Anyone notice no mention of video on… Continue reading New iPods