Post-WinFS Job Hunt over!

I’ve decided on a position in the SQL Server Security team and been accepted. This is with a bunch of guys I’ve worked with before or known – some through interactions between WinFS and SQL and some from my prior work in Storage Engine test and SQL Server infrastructure tools. It’s good to be back… Continue reading Post-WinFS Job Hunt over!

Virtual PC 2004 Free!

Virtual PC 2004 is now a free download! This is great for testing a new program so you don’t mess up your machine! Or testing a configuration change or software. Maybe not useful to the average home user, but great for Dad or anyone else that experiments/tests with a lot of software.

Listening Tips

43Folders had a couple good links today – here are some tips on listening. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately. Internal job hunting in it’s first phase involves "informational interviews". Basically, a sales pitch from the manager for which you are thinking of working. I don’t know – maybe I’m supposed to sell… Continue reading Listening Tips


This is a very cool story about an autistic boy that made 20 points in the last game of the season. A good reminder of the potential in all of us I believe. Watch the video.

Producers and Consumers

I agree with these sentiments of David’s about making things, though I’ve always thought of the problem in terms of "producers" and "consumers". I don’t want to be a consumer! If such thing as a pure consumer actually existed, they’d be nothing more than a drain on society.   But producers build things, make things… Continue reading Producers and Consumers