Phenoptin – PKU Cure

Wow – this would be awesome. It sounds like a real solution to PKU. Phenoptin So here is the even more exciting news. Biomarin Pharmaceuticals has another option that is in the final stages of FDA approval. It works in a different way then my current treatment. Phenoptin is a pill that you take once… Continue reading Phenoptin – PKU Cure

What’s in your pocket?

So this post about the Jimi wallet got me thinking about what I put in my pockets again. I’m already pretty minimal – just my car keys (my other set of keys goes in my laptop bag). And even my wallet usually goes in my laptop bag. I do carry my bullet space pen (which I love).… Continue reading What’s in your pocket?

Talking about The Development Abstraction Layer – Joel on Software

 Joel nails it: Microsoft does such a good job at creating this abstraction that Microsoft alumni have a notoriously hard time starting companies. They simply can’t believe how much went on below decks and they have no idea how to reproduce it. The Development Abstraction Layer – Joel on Software

Video Demonstration: Stir cocoa so it dissolves well – Lifehacker

There is a better way to stir things to they dissolve! You can get the point even if you don’t understand the Japanese. Instead of stirring in a circular manner, you stir just back and forth. See video to see it in action – it really does make a difference!  Video Demonstration: Stir cocoa so it… Continue reading Video Demonstration: Stir cocoa so it dissolves well – Lifehacker

African or European?

Dave Doerr, an old college roommate, showed me this – very cool:   Jack says: what is the average airspeed of an unlayden swallow? Encarta® Instant Answers says: What do you mean? An African or a European swallow? Jack says: African Encarta® Instant Answers says: Based on recent scientific studies, the average cruising airspeed velocity of an… Continue reading African or European?

Roy E. Disney…

Very cool! That’s an awesome memory. Roy E. Disney… Last month I was invited to a yacht club meeting in the Los Angeles area to hear a special speaker – Roy E. Disney – nephew of Walt Disney, and owner of Pyewacket – a race boat that has won him numerous trophies over the years…… Continue reading Roy E. Disney…