LDS Humor

 Found a pretty good LDS Humor page in searching for something else. Here’s one of my favorites: It seems that a man came bursting into Brigham Young’s office, crutches flying. He only had one leg, and he shouted, "Now, Mr. Prophet, I want you to give me another leg this instant. Otherwise, I will publish… Continue reading LDS Humor

Why you get spam

 For everyone who wonders why they get spam – this is it. $242 million. That’s how much a nigerian woman pulled in (with 2 other people if I read the article correctly). Scams have become so successful in Nigeria that anti-sleaze campaigners say swindling is one of the country’s main foreign exchange earners after oil,… Continue reading Why you get spam

Grant’s Remodel

 Looks like Grant and Rachel’s remodel is progressing nicely – here’s remodel pictures.

Tavres Got another car

Hey Dave – you should see if you could borrow Staheli’s cow suit and have the cow drive the miata off a cliff :). Got another car Well… I got another car – a 2002 Ford Focus ZX5.   It’s not the Miata, but it’s really nice.  I’ll miss the zippy-ness of the Miata, and the convertible,… Continue reading Tavres Got another car