Amy’s Temple Trip 2005

 Sound like Amy had a fun Temple Trip. I just want to know why she was standing in the middle of the highway :).

Congratulations Amy

Amy won her tennis tournament and did very well in a softball tournament. Go Amy! Got a picture of the visor?

Zombie Dogs?

So now scientists are bring dogs back from the dead. Am I the only one that seems creeped out by this? The bringing back part doesn’t bother me as much as the part where they drain the blood and put in freezing saline solution. That doesn’t seem right…

Look who’s blogging

Look who’s started a weblog. And Kudo’s to the spaces team for fixing the editor! Love this new editor.

Irene and Ron

While I was doing chores outside, Luke wandered next door and made friends with our neighbors. They’re grandparents – with lovely British accents. Luke ended up spending almost an hour with them and calls her "nanny" at her own request, although he pronounces it like "grammie" only with an n – "nammie". By his nap… Continue reading Irene and Ron

Star Trek

I’ve watched one of these episodes. Pretty good for a fan produced series. Don’t try downloading using anything less than broadband, and even then let it go overnight. But Startship Exeter is enjoyable.


There’s another article about running non-admin. Here’s a cool resource for running as nonadmin.

This will bring a tear!

I received an enjoyable forward, thought I’d share it. And here’s corroboration of the story from the Marine Corp.: I have to admit I loved the story, but questioned it, but says it’s true ( and provides quite a bit of supporting evidence. Brian was awarded this over a year ago and I… Continue reading This will bring a tear!

BBC – In Our Time – Angels

If you liked the second session on the Joseph Smith Conference, you might like this show – BBC – Radio 4 In Our Time – Angels. Particularlly the beginning. Some interesting comments on how Ancient Israel changed it’s views on gods, angels, etc. before versus after Babylon. For instance – prior to Babylon, Angels were often… Continue reading BBC – In Our Time – Angels