‘Digital divide’ narrowing fast, World Bank says

This is very encouraging news. MSNBC reports ‘Digital divide’ narrowing fast, World Bank says in a report. Technology doesn’t solve all problems, but it does connect us, making it easier to communicate and understand each other. I wonder what quick changes will have on local cultures though – the industrial revolution had a lot of turmoil. […]

The IBM/Sony/Toshiba Cell Processor — Part II: The Cell Architecture : Page 1

Hannibal over at Ars Technica describes the Cell Processor’s Architecture. Very good highlevel description. This is unlikely to be used in general purpose PCs anytime soon – look Hannibal’s closing paragraph’s describing why he doesn’t think Apple will use it anythime soon. Basically, to fit these simple CPU’s (not much more than an ADDer and […]

Domain phishing flaw hits non-Microsoft Browsers

CNet reports most non-Microsoft browsers affected by a phishing flaw. It appears the basic problem is Firefox and other mozilla based browsers will render unicode domain names. The concern is most users will not notice the difference between paypal.com and paypal with an accent over the "a" characters. I think this points to why security […]