SD Slot on a … toilet?

Via Engadget… the Japanese will put anything on a toilet – including an SD slot. I just want to know what for? I know you can buy audio books over there on SD – maybe book/music player built in?

The Chris Pirillo Show

I’ve been listening to the Chris Pirillo Show lately – this week he ranted a bit about Comcast. I’ve actually been really happy with Comcast. In my case, it was my DSL line that gave me grief – it just wasn’t fast enough. Chris or Jake, if you happen to see this, could you break… Continue reading The Chris Pirillo Show

Microsoft’s Email Culture

John Porcaro writes on how he deals with email at Microsoft. He has very similar experiences with email with me and has pretty much the same solutions. Good reading for anyone interested in what it’s like to receive hundreds of real emails (not spam) a day and how you can try to cope with it. 

Fetch&Add and Queues

I spent most of today working on trying to implement a queue using "Fetch&Add" for use by a parallel quicksort alogrithm for a homework assignment, but I’m not pleased with the results. Fetch&Add was introduced by the Ultracomputer project at NYU. The basic idea is in one operation you fetch the value in a memory… Continue reading Fetch&Add and Queues


Some people have asked about my Master’s Program at the UW, so here’s whats going on: I’m only take 2 courses a term. A 4 credit one and a 1 credit course that is just listening to these lectures and writing reports on them. Only 2 terms to go! This term my main course is… Continue reading School


This is kind of cool – over the last couple of days I’ve gotten a couple of hits a day from google searches. For things like people having problems with wireless routers, iPods and WMA (just drag and drop the WMA file into iTunes and iTunes by default will convert the file to a format… Continue reading Google