Crossroads Guitar Festival

Just TiVo’ed the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Looks like some really good guitar music. Looking forward to seeing Buddy Guy and Santana. And of course Santana. Thanks to Todd for the tip on IM.

Alienware Aurora

Oh, forgot to mention that the Alienware Aurora has landed. It’s all setup and other than being a little on the noisey side, I’m quite pleased with it. The inside is all very neat and tidy and the machine is blazingly fast. Very pleased with the AMD64, though I still have yet to challenge it… Continue reading Alienware Aurora

Christmas Vacation

About 1 hour into our drive to my home town for Christmas at 6 am (we were trying to ge an early start to avoid bad weather over mountain passes) my wife casually asks if I remembered to pack my presents to her. DOH!!! All that hard work shopping down the drain – the present are… Continue reading Christmas Vacation

Abbott & Costello Web Site

If you need a laugh, go to the Abbott & Costello Web Site and download the Who’s on First routine. I think it’s the funniest thing of all time. I can’t help but smile when I hear it – no matter what.

Alienware Aurora landed?

Aubrey says on IM: Something arrived today and it’s huge very interesting! Could it be something like an Alienware Aurora? If so, Alienware has made another smart customer service move – under promised (they told me it would be a bit longer) and over delivered. Might be headed out earlier than usual today… Any suggestions… Continue reading Alienware Aurora landed?

Professor jokes about killing Republicans

I can’t believe this professor (excuse me – associate lecturer of English) hasn’t been fired.  Pat Rothfuss wrote a column joking about going on a killing spree against Republicans. You know if this had been a student writing about Democrats, he’d be expelled.

IPOD Shortage

IPods are selling out. Despite better alternatives, the Wall Street Journal article INSTAPUNDIT.COM links to, the iPods are not only selling out, they are increasing market share. I’ve used iTunes and Windows Media Player – and their respective music stores and and windows media player clearly superior. But none of the devices are. How… Continue reading IPOD Shortage

You can mix v1 and v2 firmware

Riker is absolutely right in principle in his post that you should not mix hardware and firmware versions. A firmware update for v2 hardware only applies to v2 hardware, not v1. But in his friend defense, Linksys does apparently use the same firmware for different hardware revisions of it’s WRT54G router – the latest firmware… Continue reading You can mix v1 and v2 firmware